This Isn’t Its Name, A Campaign to Liberate the Names of the Stolen Palestinian Towns and Villages

In commemoration of the sixty fifth anniversary of the Palestinian day of al-Nakbah, Catastrophe, a group of Palestinian youth using the name “Memory” launched a media campaign they called “This Isn’t Its Name”. This campaign is part of a number of regular media campaigns organized by the Information Center based in the Palestinian city of Nazareth. The launching of “This Isn’t Its Name” is a way of challenging and confronting the Israeli policies aiming at the destruction and the erasing of Palestinian memory and identity. Such Israeli policies are usually coupled with massive confiscation of Palestinian land and properties and placing them under government control for the exclusive Jewish use.

This youth campaign aims at reminding the third and fourth generations of Palestinians following al-Nakbah of the real Arabic names of the Palestinian villages and towns whose populations were evicted by the Zionist forces and gangs in 1948 and the Judaization of those villages and the Hebrwization of their names. The Palestinian population of more than 530 Palestinian villages and towns were evicted in 1948, including the populations of major cities like Haifa, Jaffa, Safad, Askalan, and Tiberius. “This Isn’t Its Name” is part of a special training session on the production of media campaigns organized by the Information Center which included a number of workshops supervised by professionals and specialists in human rights, journalism, and media campaigns. The filming of “this Isn’t Its Name” took place on the grounds of the Palestinian town of Saffuria whose population was evicted in 1948. A number of young Palestinian men and women participated in the filming of this campaign. At the same time, a page for this campaign was created onFaceBook.