The American Newseum decided to Honor Two Fallen Palestinian Journalists

The American Newseum in Washington DC has decided to honor the two fallen Palestinian photographers, Hussam Salamah and Mahmoud al-Kumi by adding their names to the wall memorial of those journalists who have been killed while performing their responsibilities on the line of duty in reporting the news. The photos of the two fallen photographers have been posted on the wall memorial of the Newseum last week. Both worked for al-Aqsa TV, and both of them were killed by the Israeli military last November, during the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip. The two were killed in an Israeli air raid although the car which was carrying them had a visible sign indicating that it was a TV vehicle.

The Newseum is a large special memorial that occupies over 250,000 sq feet on Pennsylvania Avenue in the Heart of the American Capital. It was established in 2008 to honor the Journalists who are killed around the world while performing their duties. It has photos of over 1000 journalists from all over the world, including photos of Arab journalists from Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon. The photos are posted on the high glass walls of the memorial which is comprised of two stories. It has also a list of names of those journalists who won the Pulitzer Prize for journalism. In addition, it has 15 theaters and 14 exhibit rooms, and a permanent exhibit about the Berlin Wall.