“Tanzania has Arrested Four Men from Saudi Arabia Over Church Bombing” and the death toll has risen to three

Tanzania has arrested four men from Saudi Arabia and four Tanzanians in connection with the bombing of church on Sunday that killed two people, an attack that has heightened sectarian tensions in the east African nation.
Investigators said they were still determining the type of device used in the attack on the Catholic church in Arusha, a town in the north of the nation of about 45 million people that is roughly evenly split between Muslims and Christians.
A statement from President Jakaya Kikwete’s office on Monday said two people had now died from the blast after the death toll had previously been put at one. Sixty people were injured.
The Vatican’s ambassador to Tanzania, Archbishop Francisco Montecillo Padilla, was attending the official opening of the church when the explosion occurred. He escaped unharmed.
“So far eight people have been arrested, including four nationals from Saudi Arabia and four Tanzanians,”
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The number of those killed has now risen to three. It sounds that the Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia will not allow for any coexistence among religious communities anywhere they can reach. They can only thrive on stirring up sectarian violence. That is the only thing that can make them politically relevant. These are the American and Western allies for you! Wahhabi Islam is the official doctrine of the Saudi State. Wahhabi movements in the Muslim world are believed to be financed by the Saudi government, either directly or through the encouragement of private donnations to conceil the financial links between extremist Islamic movements and the members of the Saudi royal family. Saudi Arabia which is well known for its huge oil exports, is also the major exporter of religious extremists.