How Cowardly is that Mr. Bashshar!

How cowardly are you Mr. Bashshar! I should not be surprised, since you are very loyal to the commitment your father Hafiz had given to Henry Kissinger in 1974 that Syria will not attack Israel or allow any third party to attack Israel through the Syrian-Israeli Armistice Lines in the occupied Golan Heights. For the last 40 years, you and your father were more faithful to and observant of the ceasefire with Israel than your faith to your religion. What are you saving this huge military arsenal for? You have been attacked by Israel three times in the last 48 hours, and all of what we heard from your government is that you will continue to fight the internal allies of Israel. How about having the courage to fight against the Zionist apartheid state itself? What would you loose if you showed some guts and fired fifteen or twenty rockets at the Israeli military positions in the Syrian occupied Golan Heights?

I know that you do not have this courage, and that is why you will be always a loser in my dictionary, regardless of your rhetoric about resistance to Zionism and the liberation of Palestine, or the support of the Palestinian people.