treatment of Domestic servants in Saudi Homes, Can You Imagine if This was in an Iranian Diplomat’s home?

Fairfax police rushed to the rescue of two Philippino maids from the mansion of the Saudi Military Attaché in Washington DC, General Muhammad al-Qahtani, on Wednesday. The local police authorities in collaboration with the Immigration and Customs Security confirmed that the two maids were kept in the Saudi diplomat’s mansion against their will, and they were living under conditions of servitude. The mansion is located in the Washington Metropolitan area, in one of the most affluent and exclusive suburbs, in Fairfax Virginia. It is surrounded by iron walls and thickly wooded grounds. Brandon Montgomery, the spokesman for the security of the Department of Immigration and Customs said that his police responded to a phone call from inside the mansion pleading for help on Tuesday night. Two of his police force went to the Mansion and transferred the two maids to a safe location. He added that the investigation of this matter is still going on, and that a criminal investigation would be pursued if reasonable and documented evidence is found. He also added that the two maids will not be sent back to the Saudi mansion during the period of investigation to protect them against abuse or maltreatment.
Arabic Readers can learn more about this subjecthere.

The coverage of this subject is diluted in the Mainstream American press, in what seems to be an attempt to protect America’s friends in Saudi Arabia from an embarrassment. Look atthis hidden article in the Washington Post to get my point. Now compare the coverage of this important subject with the coverage of the allegations that Syria used Chemical weapons last march, or try to imagine the kind of coverage it would have received if the diplomat involved was Iranian or Syrian, or a diplomat from any of the countries that are not considered friendly by the U.S. Government.

I was raised to believe that American reporting is transparent, objective and informative, but I realized that this is no more than just a wishful thinking.