The Israeli Knesset renewed For One More Year a Racist Law that Prevents Family Reunions for Arab Citizens

The Israeli Knesset, The Parliament of the Zionist State, renewed last week a law that prevents family reunions of the Arab citizens of Israel for one more year. This law, which is known as the Citizenship and Entry to Israel Law, was ostensibly a temporary measure introduced in 2003 to be valid for only one year. However, it has been renewed last week for the thirteenth time. Palestinian lawyers and Human rights organizations are afraid that with this constant renewal, this law would lose its temporary meaning to become effectively a permanent fixture of the Zionist apartheid system in Israel. The law bans the reunion of Israeli Arabs who are married to spouses from the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, or any country deemed by Israel as an enemy the right to bring their spouses to live with them under Family Reunion Statutes. It affects thousands of Palestinian families and deprives tens of thousands of Palestinian children from enjoying living with both parents under one roof at the same time. It is considered by legal experts and human rights organizations as a serious breach of the most basic right of People to live in dignity and peace. For this reason The United Nations Human Rights commission, the International Committee of the Red Cross, and dozens of other organizations condemned this discriminatory practice and have been calling upon Israel to rescind this law to no avail.

I have not seen any reporting of this subject in the mainstream media in the west. Arabic readers may get more details about ithere