No Houses of Worship for Any Religion in Saudi Arabia Other Than Islam, the Saudi Minister of Justice Says

The Saudi Minister of Justice Muhammad al-Isa told a Group of European Parliamentarians last week in Brussels that his country which follows the Wahhabi Doctrine of Islam does not allow any religion other than Islam to establish houses of worship in the kingdom. He said that to a Group of European Parliamentarians from the Foreign Relations Committee in the European parliament where he answered some questions about the Judicial System in Saudi Arabia. He said that the Arabian Peninsula which is the native home of Islam cannot allow any other religion to be equal to this religion. It is worth noting here that there are millions of expatriates working in Saudi Arabia, most of them are Christians but also include significant numbers of Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, and other religious communities. These people are forced to practice their religions in secret in private homes.

Have this topic received the coverage it deserves in the mainstream Western Media? I do not think so. Because the mainstream media is busy mobilizing Western public opinion to rally behind a possible Western military intervention in Syria. Saudi Arabia is often referred to as one of the most loyal and reliable allies of the United States and the Western powers. For this reason, Human rights abuses in the Kingdom and the other Statelets in the Arabian Peninsula do not count. As long as the oil keeps flowing, and the coalition against Iran and the collusion with Israel is firm, the west can turn a blind eye to Human Rights abuses in the Gulf States.