Hysteria of American Politicians and the Mainstream Media

I was stunned last week when I was trying to find more details about the tragic terrorist bombing that took place during the Boston Marathon which lead to the death of three innocent people and the wounding of almost 200 others when I realized that much of the Media coverage was about the culprit’s Mother’s legal problems, and her state of denial that her sons could carry out such a heinous act. Headlines like: The mother of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects could be arrested on an outstanding warrant for shoplifting if she returns to the US from Dagestan. I was stunned because the negative coverage of the mother was always associated with her denial that her own sons could be involved in the attack. I asked myself if I have ever been in denial, or if it is possible for anyone not to be in denial when bitter tragedies strike! I was trying to imagine how I would have felt if I were in her shoes, losing two sons in one day. Human beings live moments of denial when they are struck with less tragic situations. People sometimes refuse to believe that their partner cheated on them, or their partner decided to leave them. People sometimes refuse to believe that they failed in an exam, and they take their shock against their instructors. Some people live in denial when they see their doctor and get told that their symptoms resemble those of a terminal illness. Demonizing the culprit’s mother because of her denial in order to show patriotism and solidarity with their victims is in my judgment immoral and Cheap. She is not the one who committed the crime, and her denial is a normal part of the grieving process. I wish American media would rise above cheap and vulgar patriotism. Denial is part of the human psyche and we all live it to mitigate our pain sometimes.

Yesterday I read another stunning headline in the NBC news.
“The mother of Boston Marathon bombing suspects Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was placed in a U.S. terror database in the fall of 2011, a counterterrorism official confirmed to NBC News. Zubeidat Tsarnaeva was placed on the database by the Central Intelligence Agency at the same time as her older son Tamerlan, who was shot and killed by police in the manhunt following the bombings.” I do not know why my mind immediately remembered a story where an 18 months old baby girl was ordered off a JetBlue plane because her name was on the Terrorists list. I did more research and found that there are dozens of absurd such cases where names of people appeared on the Terrorists lists. I also found out that The CIA got their information from the Russian intelligence who views every adult Chechen as a potential terrorist. After all, Russia obliterated Chechnya and killed hundreds of thousands of its people when they demanded independence from Russia. It became obvious to me that the goal of the American media is to do everything to discredit the bombers’ mother and deprive her from any human feelings, as if she herself is responsible for her son’s crimes.

This morning I was flipping among various TV channels and found Congressman Peter King and other like-Minded American politicians on the Sunday Morning Shows calling up on the FBI and other Intelligence and security forces to target the Muslim community in the United States to prevent other Terrorist attacks. It was truly an ugly scene to watch American politicians using this vulgar sectarian and racist position. Did anyone tell them that there is nothing as such as a Muslim community in the United States? Do they know that Muslims as diverse ethnically and religiously, and politically as the globe itself? Aren’t these politicians playing into the hands of America’s enemies who also believe that all American communities overseas are spies for the American government who are there to cause the host countries some harm? Aren’t they echoing the fanatic voices of al-Qaeda and other Wahhabi currents who view all Americans as infidels who are legitimate targets for the Muslim Mujahidin?