Have You Seen This Ugly Film Before?

Have you seen this ugly film before? I have, and I am sure many of you have seen it too. In 2002, the Israeli Media began to talk about Iraq’s possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction. Soon after, the Pro-Israeli lobby and its media pundits in the United States began to talk about the dangers of this subject to stability in the Middle East and the rest of the world. In few days, Israel’s political prostitutes and other war mongering politicians in the Senate and the House of Representatives began to demand military action from the Bush Administration against Iraq. Do you remember the speech that Collin Powel, the then Secretary of State gave in the United nations with fabricated slides proving that American and European Intelligence has concrete evidence that Iraq possesses nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons? In few months we saw the United States and NATO fighting an Israeli war in Iraq. The Bush administration unleashed a media campaign to justify its invasion of Iraq ostensibly to help the Iraqi people enjoy democracy and freedom, and gain control of Saddam’s WMD’s. The Media and most American politicians were complicit in this travesty.

The American and the NATO invasion of Iraq was one of the most scandalous decisions in American foreign policy, albeit an expensive one. We lost almost 5000 American soldiers dead, Tens of thousands wounded, and tens of thousands of others suffering from psychological war scars, known as Post Stress Traumatic Disorders. On top of that we spent over two trillion dollars of American taxpayer’s money and still counting. However, the loss for the Iraqi people whom we invaded their country allegedly to help, is uncountable. Over a million Iraqi civilians were killed or wounded, more than five million refugees, and a complete destruction of the Iraqi infrastructure. In addition, a country which was off limits to al-Qaeda and its alike has been turned to one of the most important training and breeding grounds for al-Qaeda and other Wahhabi groups. We entered Iraq ostensibly to help this country establish freedom and get rid of a dictator, and we left it destroyed and caught in a sectarian civil war which is still raging. No Weapons of MASS Destructions were found, and the coast of the war ruined our economy. All of what we heard from the war mongering politicians was that they acted on wrong information fed to them by members of the Iraqi opposition.

Now we are about to relive another similar ugly film. The Israeli Media and Government began on Tuesday to talk about the Use of chemical weapons by the regime of Bashshar al-Asad in Syria against the Syrian opposition. By Thursday suddenly, the United States government, who always denied the use of Chemical weapons in Syria, suddenly found some evidence that the Syrian regime used chemical weapons in the city of Aleppo. In the same day, we saw Barak Obama praising George Bush in the opening ceremony of the Bush Library in Texas. I doubt this is an accident. Perhaps Obama suddenly found some inspiration in Bush’s invasion of Iraq. Today, one day after, we are hearing the out cries of Israel’s political prostitutes in the Senate and the House of Representatives Demanding military action from the Obama administration against Syria. Soon they will tell us that the Central Intelligence Agency CIA found concrete evidence to the use of Chemical weapons in Syria, giving to them by Jabhat alNusrah, al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria. In few weeks, we may find ourselves in another war in the Middle East. Whether it will take the form of a direct invasion like we have seen in Afghanistan or Iraq, or bombing from the air and the sea as we have seen in Libya, or establishing logistical and training centers in Jordan and Turkey remains to be seen. The American Administration has already announced sending 200 military officers to Jordan, to add to the already existing 150 who were already involved in the training of the Syrian opposition. It seems that the Pro Israeli members in the House and the Senate, previously referred to as Israel’s political prostitutes, are not happy with this level of involvement and want more direct American Military action in Syria. If you are wondering why I call them political prostitutes, look at their funding. Every one of them is on the payroll of IAPAC and other Christian Zionist organizations. Americans deserve much better than such lousy politicians.