The Balfour Declaration will visit Occupied Palestine

The Royal National library of Britain well send to Israel the original letter sent by the British Foreign Minister during World War One lord Arthur James Balfour to the honorary head of the World Zionist Organization Lionel Rothschild promising in it the Establishment of a National Home for the Jews in Palestine. This letter is more commonly known as the Balfour Declaration. It was written and signed in November 2nd 1917, exactly one month before the British military occupied Jerusalem, which was then part of the Ottoman Empire. The original letter never left Britain before. The decision of the administration of the Royal National Library to send the letter to be shown in an exhibit in the Israeli Independence museum in Tel Aviv has only symbolic historic significance. However, the actual weight of its content is formidable. It became the guiding principle of British colonial policy in the Middle East for over three decades, and the sine qua non of Zionist colonization of Palestine. In Palestinian public consciousness, the British occupation of Palestine and the facilitation of Jewish immigration to their country, and the arming of the Jewish immigrants is the root of all of their suffering and the loss of their homeland.

The Balfour Declaration was effectively a sinister act that affected and has been affecting the lives of millions of Muslim and Christian Palestinians for the last 95 years, only to achieve limited British war time’s needs. In it, the British colonial avaricious appetite was so strong that the fate of the indigenous people of Palestine was not even considered. Undoubtedly that Zionism would not have been able to accomplish much in Palestine hadn’t it been to British complicity, and the Palestinians would have been spared a century of suffering, homelessness, and humiliation and abuse wherever they went and lived.