200 Muslim Salafis from Australia have joined al-Qaeda’s affiliate, alNusrah Front in Syria

The number ofMuslim Salafis from Australia fighting in Syria is increasing rapidly, Australian officials say. It is believed that approximately 200 Muslim citizens of Australia have gone to Syria to join al-Nusrah Front in Syria. This organization has officially announced its affiliation with al-Qaeda and its leader Ayman al-Zawahiri last week. Most of the Muslim Jihadists from Australia fighting against the regime in Syria are of Lebanese origin of the Muslim Sunni faith the Australian officials say.

I am not aware of anyone from any other Muslim sect who would volunteer to join al-Nusrah Front or al-Qaeda. This organization and all of its affiliates are among the most sectarian and divisive and bloody of all Muslim religious political factions. This echoes the news of Muslim salafis from Europe, the United States, and Canada who also joined the various Salafi groups fighting in Syria under the Umbrella of the Free Syrian Army. Many of these groups are notorious for committing the most heinous crimes against the Civilian population, including beheadings, rape, and enslavement of non-Muslim non-Sunni women and children and produced legal religious opinions or Fatwas to justify their crimes. They are financed by the Petrodollars of The wahhabi regimes in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the other principalities of the Persian Gulf. They are usually smuggled into Syria through the Turkish, Lebanese, Iraqi, or Jordanian borders where American and European secret training camps for them are established.

This speaks loudly about the lack of American and Western commitment to Freedom, democracy and their respect of human rights. The morality of Western politicians has plummeted so low that they still dare to publically discuss aiding, and secretly train and arm the Syrian opposition. No matter how bad Bashshar al-Asad is, he will surely lose the competition of cruelty and disrespect for human rights in contrast with the thugs which the West is training and arming. Every person of conscience must speak up loudly against the American and European approach to the Conflict in Syria. Western Officials who aid the Syrian opposition must be tried for war crimes.