What is the Difference between North Korea and Iran?

There is only one major difference between North Korea and Iran. I am not talking about the ethnic or religious make up of each state. You may guess that I am talking about American reaction to North Korea’s nuclear threats to attack South Korea and Japan and at a point even the U.S itself was named as a target. Iran, however, constantly maintained its commitment to keep its nuclear program for civilian purposes.

Imagine if Iran threatened publically to fire rockets mounted with nuclear war heads against the United States, Saudi Arabia or Israel! Imagine if Iran brought out their rocket launchers and put them in a firing position as North Korea has done! You can bet that Iran would have been turned to ashes by now. You can be certain that the United States would not have over and over again talked about the pursuit of a diplomatic resolution to the crisis.

So, what is the difference between North Korea and Iran? The difference is Israel. Washington DC is an Israeli occupied territory. American foreign policy in the Middle East is completely controlled by Israel and its very powerful lobby groups in the United States. IAPAC would not have allowed the US to miss the opportunity of testing its nuclear capability on Iran. Let us remember that thus far, only one country in the world used nuclear weapons against other countries. It is the United States, and not only once, but twice.