Israeli Racism Knows No Limits

Israeli Racism knows no limits. It is not only shown against Palestinian and Christian Arabs. Even non-Arabs non-Jews serving in the Israeli army are not spared racial discrimination, not even after their death.

It was widely reported in the Israeli Press that the Chief of Staff Benny Gentz refused to place the Israeli flag on the grave of Evgeny Tuluzko, in the annual custom of planting a flag on the grave of the last fallen IDF soldier in the pre Remembrance Day ceremony on the Mount Herzl National Cemetery yesterday. Mount Herzl is the name given to the Palestinian mountain in West Jerusalem which was originally owned by the Palestinian inhabitants of the village of Ain Karem. This village and the surrounding Palestinian villages were depopulated by Israel in the Zionist war of 1948 where one of the most gruesome massacres was committed against the neighboring village of Dayr Yasin. Changing the Arab names of places has been the policy which was aggressively and methodically followed by the Zionist state since its creation to erase the traces of Palestinian material culture and history. Almost all Palestinian and Arab names of towns, villages, and places were given Israeli names. Over five hundred Palestinian villages were completely erased from the map after the expulsion of their population and were converted to Jewish towns or national parks.

This example of Israeli racism has been totally ignored by the Western Media. Although I have no sympathy to anyone who serves in the army of the racist apartheid Zionist state, I commented on it just to remind my readers that they need to have a second look at Israel and the view they have of it as a cradle of democracy.