The Tenth Anniversary of the Fall of Baghdad

In the tenth anniversary of the fall of Baghdad, with a noticeable absence from the mainstream American media, al-Quds Newspaper’s correspondent in Washington DC Said Arikat published a profound analysis of the American invasion and its local and regional consequences. Under the title “Baghdad’s fall ten years ago thrusts the region into endless sectarian conflict”, Arikat highlights the devastating consequences of the American Invasion and occupation of Iraq on the Iraqi People and the region as a whole. The American war against Iraq in 1991, and the invasion and occupation in 2003 led to the death and wounding of over one million Iraqis including hundreds of thousands of women and children. The use of the most advanced American weapons, the crippling American and European economic sanctions, and the imposition of no-fly-zones reduced the country and its infrastructure to the Stone Age. The American invasion also caused several million Iraqis to become refugees in relatively safer enclaves inside Iraq and in the neighboring Arab countries. Iraq which once had ones of the most developed economic and educational institutions in the Middle East is now threatened with volatile and intractable ethnic and religious wars. All of this happened while the Neo Conservative politicians in America and Europe were preoccupied with the fabrication of lies and false reports to mobilize the public and legitimize the Invasion. All reports about the danger of Iraq’s possession of weapons of mass destruction, the threat of Iraq to regional and world stability, and the noble civilizing mission of the west and its concern about Human Rights and the spread of freedom and democracy were later found to be false and deliberate fabrications.

The American invasion was not only bad for Iraq; it was very costly to the American public. More than 4500 American soldiers were killed in one of the greatest plunders of modern time. Tens of thousands of American soldiers were also wounded, while thousands of others are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorders. The cost of the war to the American taxpayers exceeded two trillion dollars and still counting. Equally important is that instead of aligning Iraq in the pro-American camp in the Middle East, Iraq was pushed to strengthen its relations with Iran; a country most Americans were led by the Mainstream media and the Pro Israeli lobby groups to believe is an enemy.