Are we talking about anti-Semitism or Plagiarism!?

Steven Erlanger Wrote an Article in the New York Times yesterday entitled “France’s Chief Rabbi Declines to Resign Over Plagiarism”. The Article discusses the hot debate in France surrounding Rabbi Gilles Bernheim’s admission that he plagiarized from various authors in his latest book on Jewish meditation. However, Without any logical reason or justification, Erlanger ends his article with this Paragraph:

“The turmoil comes at a time when organizations that monitor anti-Semitic episodes in France and Europe generally say that such incidents are on the rise. The American Jewish Committee has publicized a recent report by Tel Aviv University’s Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry that recorded what it terms 686 anti-Semitic attacks in Europe in 2012, compared with 526 in 2011, including physical violence and vandalism of synagogues and Jewish cemeteries.”

What does Anti-Semitism have to do with Plagiarism? The Rabbi himself admitted his failures and that he plagiarized from Different sources as the article clearly confirms. Are we supposed to turn our eyes away from any immoral behavior if the perpetrators are Jewish in order not to be accused of anti Semitism? This is the line of arguments and twisting of facts the pro Israeli and Zionist media outlets have been using to stifle any criticism of Israel and its racist policies towards the Palestinians for several decades now. The New York Times has been shamelessly involved in this blatant propaganda since the beginning of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Unfortunately, most American readers do not have the critical abilities to see through this and demand that such media outlets be more respectful of their intelligence.