The deteriorating conditions in Libya after the NATO bombing

In a report in the Los Angeles Times on April 9th, Jeffrey Fleishman, the paper’s correspondence in Libya tries to depict the deteriorating social and economic conditions in Libya in the Post Qaddafi Period. He also describes the political and the security vacuum created after the fall of the Libyan dictator and the state of hopelessness prevailing among Libya’s youth. The writer mentions by passing that there are thousands of political prisoners of Libyans who are in the Prisons of the Various Libyan militias which emerged to fill the security vacuum after the fall of the Qaddafi regime and the serious concerns of Human Rights organizations. He points out that the current situation is precarious and the unity of Libya and its people is in serious danger.

However, two things are striking about Fleishman’s report. First, nowhere in the report does he mention the six months long NATO bombing of Libya and its devastating results on the Libyan State institutions and physical infrastructure, and the relevance of this to the subject he is covering. Secondly, although he mentions the quick restoration of Libya’s oil and gas production, He makes no analysis of the relevance of this country’s oil and gas to the True motivation behind the NATO intervention in Libya. This is a prototype of Western reporting on the Arab world and the Middle East in general. Western reporters think that the readers live in Amnesia and will not remember the highly orchestrated visits of the former French President Nicholas Sarkozy, David Cameron the British prime minister, the then U.S secretary of state Hillary Clinton and a number of American and European politicians to Benghazi for lifetime photo opportunities. It is so unfortunate that Most western readers have short time memory span and bought into the Mainstream media’s continuous reproduction of few sound bites to make the NATO Bombing of Libya was a Western noble act to save the innocent Libyan civilians from a brutal dictator who was intent on massacring them. This is precisely the same kind of sound bites reproduced prior to the American occupation of Iraq in 2003, and in the Western reporting about the Ongoing conflict in Syria.


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