A Muslim Salafi Cleric legalizes rape and enslavement of non-Sunni Muslim women

A Muslim Salafi Cleric legalizes the enslavement and rape of non-Muslim non-Sunni women. Yasir al-Ajluni, a Jordanian cleric who spent seventeen years of his life living in Damascus issued a religious opinion or Fatwa allowing members of the Free Syrian army and the Mujahidin in Syria to enslave Christian, Alawites, Druze, Manda’I and any non Muslim Sunni women. He referred to them as booties of War and therefore they are subject to the Sharia’ah Parameters and rules. This is in a clear reference to the legal status of female prisoners of war and the Islamic practice in the early Islamic history.

Isn’t it time for every one of us to send a letter of congratulations to the Whitehouse to thank president Obama for choosing to align the American foreign policy with rapists who want to revive the age of slavery? I also suggest that everyone CC Hillary Clinton who put in place this alliance with the Syrian Mujahidin when she was in the State Department as secretary of state before her resignation in January of 2013. Do not forget to commend the current secretary John Kerri for sticking to the same course designed for him by his predecessor. Arabic speakers can watch the video here