HAMAS is training the militias of the Syrian opposition, The Times of London reports

It was reported in The Times of London today that the Qassam Brigade of the Palestinian Resistance Movement HAMAS is involved in the training of the armed Militias of the Syrian opposition in areas south of the Syrian capital Damascus. The paper concludes that this indicates a major shift in HAMAS’s position towards the Syrian Conflict from trying to remain neutral into aligning itself behind the pro American Qatar led regional Arab coalition to bring down the regime of Bashshar al-Asad. Qatar, the country with a small population and deep pockets has been trying to use its financial muscles to influence the position of Arab Governments and political movements who tried to refrain from any involvement in the bloodshed in Syria including HAMAS. This comes after all of HAMAS’s leadership including the head of its political bureau Khalid Mish’l left Damascus in 2012 and closed its headquarters in the Syrian capital.

If this report is accurate, one can’t help but think that HAMAS has now completed the liberation of Palestine and is now ready to help in spreading its version of freedom elsewhere. It is paying back the debt of years of generous hosting it enjoyed in Syria when no other Arab state allowed it to establish its headquarters there in their capitals. Incidentally, Mish’l has been reelected as the head of the political bureau of the movement last week, perhaps because he is the one who accomplished the task of liberation. I may need to look at the map to see if Israel is still there or it is now a new free Palestine under the glorious HAMAS leadership.