Hundreds of Europeans are among the foreign fighters in Syria, researchers found

A report in the Daily Telegraph today summarized the findings of a group of researchers in King’s College which estimates that hundreds of Europeans are among the foreign fighters in Syria. The researchers estimate the number of foreign fighters in Syria to be anywhere between two thousand and five thousand and five hundred, most of them are from the Middle East, but hundreds came from Europe… The researchers who collected their data by identifying the foreign names of those killed from the various websites of the Syrian oppositions concluded that approximately seven to eleven percent of the foreign elements fighting against the Regime of Bashshar al-Asad came from Europe. . This research warns that Syria will become the cradle for foreign extremists and councils the European governments and their intelligence services to adopt a highly discriminate approach towards the returning fighters to Europe. It reminds the readers that the foreign fighters among the Mujahidin in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union in the 1980’s have spawned a generation that created al-Qaeda.

What seems to be missing in this research is its obsession with European security, without paying any attention to the role of the foreign fighters in escalating the level of sectarian violence in Syria and its impact on the civilian population. The European governments individually and collectively are morally responsible for the blood bath taking place in Syria. Not they only did they encourage or tolerate the participation of European citizens in this carnage, but they also participate in sending arms and giving technical support to the Syrian opposition to achieve limited political gains at the expense of tens of thousands of lives, especially among the Christian and the Alawite sects. European and American support to the various militias in the Syrian conflict will certainly prolong the war and lead to the death of tens of thousands more.For the full report of The Daily Telegraph