Two Palestinian teenagers were murdered by Israeli soldiers today

Two Palestinian teenagers were killed this morning by the Israeli soldiers while participating in a peaceful demonstration against the Israeli treatment of Palestinian political prisoners. Amir Nassar and Naji Balbisi from the village of Anabta near Toulkarm in the northern part of the Israeli occupied West Bank were killed with live bullets. It is not the first time the Israeli soldiers use live ammunition against peaceful Palestinian protests. This practice has been condemned dozens of times in the past by Palestinian and international human rights organizations. This comes at the time when thousands of Palestinians participate in the funeral of Muyassar Abu Hamdiyyah who died of cancer in an Israeli hospital as a result of neglect and poor health care in the Israeli jails. The death of the two teenagers will certainly inflame the already tense situation in the West Bank. The killing of the two Palestinian teenagers comes after a wave of attacks and provocations by Jewish settlers and Israeli soldiers against The Palestinians in the last several months. The Palestinian Authority condemned the Israeli murder of the teenagers and called upon the international community to interfere to stop such Israeli disregard for Palestinian lives. Palestinian condemnation of Israeli provocations and the appeals for international help in the past produced no results due to the American protection of Israel in the United Nations through its veto power.