Why this blog!

I often thought of creating my own blog to express my opinions and feelings towards the painful saga of the Palestinian people and their endless suffering at the hands of the Zionist state. I never had the energy and the commitment to follow through with my thoughts because of the time needed to keep such a blog up-to-date. I have created few blogs for this purpose in the past, but only to neglect them after few days or weeks at best. However, President Barak Obama’s visit to occupied Palestine two weeks ago motivated me to take on this task once more. His attitude and statements caused every Palestinian so much pain and nausea because of their disregard to the most basic tenets of justice, dignity, and human rights.

Obama’s visit represented the worst possible message any American president can send to the Palestinian people. He started it with paying a visit to the Mausoleum of Theodor Herzl, the founder of the World Zionist Organization, the political organization which embodies the ugliest face of racial discrimination. To add insult to injury, he called upon the Palestinians to endorse the racist principles of Zionism as a precondition for peace. His position was made clear through his repeated calls upon their leaders to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. In effect, He wanted the Palestinian refugees to give up their right of return or compensation sanctioned by a host of United Nations Resolutions, prime among them is Security Council resolution 194. His new precondition reduced the approximately two million Palestinian citizens of Israel into foreign elements without any political rights by the virtue of being non-Jews in a Jewish state. Furthermore, he tried to press the Palestinians to enter into peace negotiations with Israel without any preconditions of their own, not even those pertaining to the Zionist confiscation of Palestinian land and the continuation of building Jewish colonial settlements on confiscated Palestinian properties. If this winner of the Noble Peace Prize claims that one of the purposes of his visit was to promote peace, then he surely has failed miserably.

As I was following Obama’s visit to occupied Palestine and Jordan, I was trying to imagine how the blacks of South Africa would have felt if President Carter paid a visit to their country during the heydays of the Apartheid and asked Mandela and the Leaders of the African National Congress to recognize South Africa as a white state as a precondition for them to live in peace. It is alarming to see the first black American president give such an explicit endorsement of racial discrimination. All the American presidents before Obama pressured the Palestinian leaders to recognize Israel’s right to exist. They tried to frame this precondition as a necessary territorial compromise that would allow for Israel to live in peaceful and recognized borders within the armistice lines that existed before June 4 1967. Although such a precondition did not exist in the legal terminology in the past, and was coined only to advantage Israel, the Palestinians have complied with it 25 years ago without seeing any peace dividends. Their living conditions under Israeli military occupation and control have been deteriorating continuously. It is certain that Obama’s new precondition for the Palestinians would put off any hope for peace between the Palestinians and the Zionist state indefinitely, assuming that peace between the oppressed and the oppressor was possible in the first place.

I hope to be able to update this blog regularly and to make it as a modest educational source for the non-Arabic speaking readers who are interested in peace and justice in the Middle East and elsewhere.