Outrage among the Palestinians after the death of a political prisoner

A state of outrage is spreading quickly among the Palestinian populations in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip after the Death of Muyassar Abu Hamdiyyah, one of the cancer patients from among a number of Palestinian political prisoners in an Israeli hospital this morning. The health conditions of the Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails are abysmal according to Palestinian and international human rights activists. There are over five thousand Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails. Over 1,000 of them have been inflicted with a variety of permanent illnesses as a result of neglect and delayed treatments. Among those are 25 Cancer patients whose conditions have reached a critical stage where it is now impossible to cure. The Israeli prison authorities have acknowledged that some Palestinian cancer patients among the political prisoners were given the wrong medications and others were misdiagnosed.

This outrage comes after the death of another Palestinian political prisoner few weeks ago as a result of Israeli torture. Hundreds of Palestinian political prisoners have participated in hunger strikes demanding improvement in their prison conditions to no avail. The Palestinian authority in the West bank will likely declare tomorrow as a day of mourning and protest. It has been demanding the release of the Political prisoners in Israeli jails for many years. The Palestinian ministry of Prisoners Affairs has constantly pressed Israel to release the prisoners who have terminal illnesses without success.