About al-karmil

Al-Karmil is a mountain on the Palestinian coast, overlooking the city of Haifa, the Harbor of Haifa, and the Mediterranean sea. It is approximately 600 Meters high and looks like a triangle. Throughout history, it was a magnet for members of many religious sects, some of them attaching some sacred importance to it. However, over the centuries it has been inhabited by members of religious minorities in Palestine, like the Druze, the Baha’i, Christian Catholics, Ahmadis, and others who found in its high peaks and rugged slopes safe haven from the oppression of the Central authorities in Cairo, Baghdad, Damascus, or Jerusalem.

In the modern history of Palestine, this mountain came to symbolize tolerance which characterized the relationships among the various religions and sects living in the villages and towns over its slopes. It also symbolized the beauty of nature in Palestine where the proximity of the plains, the mountains and the sea provided a climate variety and botanical gardens of all kinds of greenery and vegetations. In the recent memory of the Palestinian struggle it represents the dignity of standing tall in the face of aggression and oppression. No wonder then, that many Palestinians in their Diaspora call their daughters, their businesses, streets, and many of their news papers or periodicals after al-Karmil. Palestinian poets and men of letter often referred to al-karmil in their poems and narratives to invoke the feelings and the imagination of their readers and remind them of the great tragedy that has befallen the Palestinian people on the hands of the Zionists and their colonial patrons.

With all of what al-Karmil symbolizes and represents to the Palestinian people in terms of human values and moral principles I chose this title for this blog. It will be my humble attempt to share with the readers of this blog my impressions and modest knowledge on Palestinian society and culture as well as the Arab Israeli conflict. My posts will include some commentaries on other international matters, especially those that may have something to bear on these subjects. I only hope I can succeed in my mission.