Religious Tollerence in Saudi Arabia: A Woman received a Sentence of eight lashes for sending a text message to a wrong number

A thirty years old Saudi woman was given a sentence of eight lashes by a Saudi judge in a local court in al-Qatif for allegedly calling to the conversion to Shiism in a text message which she sent by mistake to an unknown number via Whatsapp. The text message included phone numbers, entitled the numbers of Shiites Islamic Services. These numbers were for a service that allows the callers to view the Fatwas of al-Sistani, the leading Iraqi Shiite Cleric, and another number for a service about the interpretations of dreams. The Judge’s sentence was based on the claims of the prosecution that this woman was trying to convert another Saudi lady to Shiism. The case was brought to the court by the husband of the woman who received the text message by mistake.

Saudi Arabia is notorious for feeding the flames of sectarianism and religious intolerance in the Muslim World. The Saudi government, either directly, or through encouraging private donors is responsible for financing the various Wahhabi and Salafi groups in Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Palestine, and Tunisia. Very little of such conspicuous Saudi activities are reported in the Western press.


No Houses of Worship for Any Religion in Saudi Arabia Other Than Islam, the Saudi Minister of Justice Says

The Saudi Minister of Justice Muhammad al-Isa told a Group of European Parliamentarians last week in Brussels that his country which follows the Wahhabi Doctrine of Islam does not allow any religion other than Islam to establish houses of worship in the kingdom. He said that to a Group of European Parliamentarians from the Foreign Relations Committee in the European parliament where he answered some questions about the Judicial System in Saudi Arabia. He said that the Arabian Peninsula which is the native home of Islam cannot allow any other religion to be equal to this religion. It is worth noting here that there are millions of expatriates working in Saudi Arabia, most of them are Christians but also include significant numbers of Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, and other religious communities. These people are forced to practice their religions in secret in private homes.

Have this topic received the coverage it deserves in the mainstream Western Media? I do not think so. Because the mainstream media is busy mobilizing Western public opinion to rally behind a possible Western military intervention in Syria. Saudi Arabia is often referred to as one of the most loyal and reliable allies of the United States and the Western powers. For this reason, Human rights abuses in the Kingdom and the other Statelets in the Arabian Peninsula do not count. As long as the oil keeps flowing, and the coalition against Iran and the collusion with Israel is firm, the west can turn a blind eye to Human Rights abuses in the Gulf States.

Palestinian Christians Appeal to Pope Francis to Intervene to Stop the Construction of the Apartheid Wall near Bethlehem and Beit Jala

A number of Palestinian Christian leaders have written an open letter to Pope Francis to intervene to stop the construction of the Israeli Apartheid Wall near the largest concentration of Palestinian Christians in the towns of Bethlehem and Beit Jala. In their letter, they appealed to the pope to protest this Israeli action in his forth coming meeting with the Israeli president Shimon Peres in the Vatican next week. The apartheid wall would completely disconnect them from their holy places in East Jerusalem, and prevent them from reaching their farm lands in the Kraimzan Valley. This valley is the place of a Catholic monastery and a convent. Once the project is completed, The Christians of Bait Jala and Bethlehem would lose their access to approximately 3,000 dönüms, 750 acres of their farm lands, and it would separate the Catholic Monastery from the convent. It will also surround the Christian school they run from three sides and make it extremely difficult for the students to benefit from its services. The Kraimzan Valley is famous for the high quality of its grapes and its fine wine, some of it is consumed by the monastery, and the surplus is sold in the local markets.

The construction of the Israeli apartheid Wall began in 2002 allegedly to prevent Palestinian fighters from attacking Israel. But Palestinians and international observers maintain that the real goal is to confiscate more Palestinian land to enlarge the illegal Jewish settlements in the West Bank. Once completed, this wall will be 700 KM long, approximately 400 KM of it have already been completed, and the construction of the remaining 300 KM is still undergoing. Many Palestinian communities in the West Bank have been cut off from their farm lands and from one another as a result of this wall. The International Court of Justice condemned the wall as illegal in 2004 and ordered Israel to remove it. But like in the case of all resolutions of the United Nations and other international organizations, this decision has been ignored by Israel.

The Israeli Knesset renewed For One More Year a Racist Law that Prevents Family Reunions for Arab Citizens

The Israeli Knesset, The Parliament of the Zionist State, renewed last week a law that prevents family reunions of the Arab citizens of Israel for one more year. This law, which is known as the Citizenship and Entry to Israel Law, was ostensibly a temporary measure introduced in 2003 to be valid for only one year. However, it has been renewed last week for the thirteenth time. Palestinian lawyers and Human rights organizations are afraid that with this constant renewal, this law would lose its temporary meaning to become effectively a permanent fixture of the Zionist apartheid system in Israel. The law bans the reunion of Israeli Arabs who are married to spouses from the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, or any country deemed by Israel as an enemy the right to bring their spouses to live with them under Family Reunion Statutes. It affects thousands of Palestinian families and deprives tens of thousands of Palestinian children from enjoying living with both parents under one roof at the same time. It is considered by legal experts and human rights organizations as a serious breach of the most basic right of People to live in dignity and peace. For this reason The United Nations Human Rights commission, the International Committee of the Red Cross, and dozens of other organizations condemned this discriminatory practice and have been calling upon Israel to rescind this law to no avail.

I have not seen any reporting of this subject in the mainstream media in the west. Arabic readers may get more details about ithere

Hysteria of American Politicians and the Mainstream Media

I was stunned last week when I was trying to find more details about the tragic terrorist bombing that took place during the Boston Marathon which lead to the death of three innocent people and the wounding of almost 200 others when I realized that much of the Media coverage was about the culprit’s Mother’s legal problems, and her state of denial that her sons could carry out such a heinous act. Headlines like: The mother of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects could be arrested on an outstanding warrant for shoplifting if she returns to the US from Dagestan. I was stunned because the negative coverage of the mother was always associated with her denial that her own sons could be involved in the attack. I asked myself if I have ever been in denial, or if it is possible for anyone not to be in denial when bitter tragedies strike! I was trying to imagine how I would have felt if I were in her shoes, losing two sons in one day. Human beings live moments of denial when they are struck with less tragic situations. People sometimes refuse to believe that their partner cheated on them, or their partner decided to leave them. People sometimes refuse to believe that they failed in an exam, and they take their shock against their instructors. Some people live in denial when they see their doctor and get told that their symptoms resemble those of a terminal illness. Demonizing the culprit’s mother because of her denial in order to show patriotism and solidarity with their victims is in my judgment immoral and Cheap. She is not the one who committed the crime, and her denial is a normal part of the grieving process. I wish American media would rise above cheap and vulgar patriotism. Denial is part of the human psyche and we all live it to mitigate our pain sometimes.

Yesterday I read another stunning headline in the NBC news.
“The mother of Boston Marathon bombing suspects Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was placed in a U.S. terror database in the fall of 2011, a counterterrorism official confirmed to NBC News. Zubeidat Tsarnaeva was placed on the database by the Central Intelligence Agency at the same time as her older son Tamerlan, who was shot and killed by police in the manhunt following the bombings.” I do not know why my mind immediately remembered a story where an 18 months old baby girl was ordered off a JetBlue plane because her name was on the Terrorists list. I did more research and found that there are dozens of absurd such cases where names of people appeared on the Terrorists lists. I also found out that The CIA got their information from the Russian intelligence who views every adult Chechen as a potential terrorist. After all, Russia obliterated Chechnya and killed hundreds of thousands of its people when they demanded independence from Russia. It became obvious to me that the goal of the American media is to do everything to discredit the bombers’ mother and deprive her from any human feelings, as if she herself is responsible for her son’s crimes.

This morning I was flipping among various TV channels and found Congressman Peter King and other like-Minded American politicians on the Sunday Morning Shows calling up on the FBI and other Intelligence and security forces to target the Muslim community in the United States to prevent other Terrorist attacks. It was truly an ugly scene to watch American politicians using this vulgar sectarian and racist position. Did anyone tell them that there is nothing as such as a Muslim community in the United States? Do they know that Muslims as diverse ethnically and religiously, and politically as the globe itself? Aren’t these politicians playing into the hands of America’s enemies who also believe that all American communities overseas are spies for the American government who are there to cause the host countries some harm? Aren’t they echoing the fanatic voices of al-Qaeda and other Wahhabi currents who view all Americans as infidels who are legitimate targets for the Muslim Mujahidin?

British Officials Looked on as Jewish Settlers Took Over More and More Arab Land, British Secret Documents revealed

A new report in The Guardian based on recently declassified secret British documents revealed that:
• “British officials looked on as Jewish settlers took over more and more Arab land.
In the weeks leading up to the partition of Palestine in 1948.”
• “Jewish terrorist groups were mounting increasing attacks on UK forces and Arab fighters, the Colonial Office papers show.
• And they reveal how senior British officials were occupied in deciding how to allocate between them two Rolls-Royces and a Daimler.”
• * “As early as October 1946, two years before partition, UK officials warned London that Jewish opinion would oppose partition “unless the Jewish share were so enlarged as to make the scheme wholly unacceptable to Arabs”.
• British officials warned the colonial secretary, George Hall: “The Jewish public … endorsed the attitude of its leaders that terrorism is a natural consequence of the general policy of His Majesty’s Government”, including turning away ships carrying “illegal” Jewish immigrants.”

Have You Seen This Ugly Film Before?

Have you seen this ugly film before? I have, and I am sure many of you have seen it too. In 2002, the Israeli Media began to talk about Iraq’s possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction. Soon after, the Pro-Israeli lobby and its media pundits in the United States began to talk about the dangers of this subject to stability in the Middle East and the rest of the world. In few days, Israel’s political prostitutes and other war mongering politicians in the Senate and the House of Representatives began to demand military action from the Bush Administration against Iraq. Do you remember the speech that Collin Powel, the then Secretary of State gave in the United nations with fabricated slides proving that American and European Intelligence has concrete evidence that Iraq possesses nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons? In few months we saw the United States and NATO fighting an Israeli war in Iraq. The Bush administration unleashed a media campaign to justify its invasion of Iraq ostensibly to help the Iraqi people enjoy democracy and freedom, and gain control of Saddam’s WMD’s. The Media and most American politicians were complicit in this travesty.

The American and the NATO invasion of Iraq was one of the most scandalous decisions in American foreign policy, albeit an expensive one. We lost almost 5000 American soldiers dead, Tens of thousands wounded, and tens of thousands of others suffering from psychological war scars, known as Post Stress Traumatic Disorders. On top of that we spent over two trillion dollars of American taxpayer’s money and still counting. However, the loss for the Iraqi people whom we invaded their country allegedly to help, is uncountable. Over a million Iraqi civilians were killed or wounded, more than five million refugees, and a complete destruction of the Iraqi infrastructure. In addition, a country which was off limits to al-Qaeda and its alike has been turned to one of the most important training and breeding grounds for al-Qaeda and other Wahhabi groups. We entered Iraq ostensibly to help this country establish freedom and get rid of a dictator, and we left it destroyed and caught in a sectarian civil war which is still raging. No Weapons of MASS Destructions were found, and the coast of the war ruined our economy. All of what we heard from the war mongering politicians was that they acted on wrong information fed to them by members of the Iraqi opposition.

Now we are about to relive another similar ugly film. The Israeli Media and Government began on Tuesday to talk about the Use of chemical weapons by the regime of Bashshar al-Asad in Syria against the Syrian opposition. By Thursday suddenly, the United States government, who always denied the use of Chemical weapons in Syria, suddenly found some evidence that the Syrian regime used chemical weapons in the city of Aleppo. In the same day, we saw Barak Obama praising George Bush in the opening ceremony of the Bush Library in Texas. I doubt this is an accident. Perhaps Obama suddenly found some inspiration in Bush’s invasion of Iraq. Today, one day after, we are hearing the out cries of Israel’s political prostitutes in the Senate and the House of Representatives Demanding military action from the Obama administration against Syria. Soon they will tell us that the Central Intelligence Agency CIA found concrete evidence to the use of Chemical weapons in Syria, giving to them by Jabhat alNusrah, al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria. In few weeks, we may find ourselves in another war in the Middle East. Whether it will take the form of a direct invasion like we have seen in Afghanistan or Iraq, or bombing from the air and the sea as we have seen in Libya, or establishing logistical and training centers in Jordan and Turkey remains to be seen. The American Administration has already announced sending 200 military officers to Jordan, to add to the already existing 150 who were already involved in the training of the Syrian opposition. It seems that the Pro Israeli members in the House and the Senate, previously referred to as Israel’s political prostitutes, are not happy with this level of involvement and want more direct American Military action in Syria. If you are wondering why I call them political prostitutes, look at their funding. Every one of them is on the payroll of IAPAC and other Christian Zionist organizations. Americans deserve much better than such lousy politicians.